iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S launch expected on October 4th

The announcement of the next version of the iPhone is just weeks away, and the iPhone 5 along with a likely iPhone 4S or new cheaper iPhone model is expected to be launched on October 4th.

Whilst speaking at an event in South Africa, Al Gore, a member of Apple’s board, let slip that “new iPhones (are) coming out next month. That was a plug.” The main mention of this was the plural of iPhone, strengthening rumours of both an new iPhone 5, and new cheaper iPhone 4, to be named the iPhone 4S will be soon with us.

Editor of Stuff Magazine, Toby Shapstak who was at the event mentioned to the guardian that he had listened to his voice recording, and that Al Gore had clearly said iPhones. Plural.

It is almost certain that the new iPhone devices will be unveiled and demonstrated by Tim Cook, Apples new CEO after taking over from Steve Jobs in August. The launch event is likely to coincide with Apple’s events on October 4th, where announcements about other Apple products and software are also likely (including the launch of iOS5, and iCloud). No invitations to press have been made yet, however it is likely this will happen in the next week.

However, little more is known about the actual release date of the iPhone 5. It is unlikely that we will see availability of the iPhone 5 in stores so soon after the launch, and as with previous launch events, it is likely that it will be 2-3 weeks after we will see it available to buy from networks and stores. This strengthens the ‘leaked’ iPhone 5 release date by O2 we reported on last week – October 21st.

Little is still known for certain about the specifications of the iPhone 5, or the new iPhone 4S model. However the 4S is expected to be a simpler version of the worlds best selling smartphone, the iPhone 4. This more basic version will be cheaper and allow Apple to capture the cheaper smartphone users and markets, including China.

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